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Recover Properly After an Exercise

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Exercise is a practice that does not begin or end in the gym. It involves many other habits necessary that you meet for the activity to render the best possible.

Proper recovery is as important as exercise itself. What sense does it take of half an hour exercise without a bottle of water handy to hydrate? Why go to the gym every day if you do not sleep enough?

Undoubtedly, these errors collapse the effort that your body does when you exercise. With a good recovery, you’ll see that it’ll improve your athletic performance, endurance and your metabolic activity, so you’ll burn more calories. And surely you will feel much better.

Do you know what to do after training to recover as best as possible ? Here are a few tips:

Rests. Time is an ideal way to recover or heal injuries or diseases, and also after a hard workout. A good rest is essential for your body’s natural recovery.

Stretch. Muscle stretching is very important as soon as you finish exercising. In this way, you will relax the muscles after a great effort.

Cool your body. Walk slowly, 5 to 10 minutes for your heartbeat to return to their normal heart frequency. In addition, the cooling is essential to keep muscles flexible and ready for the next workout.

Eat properly. Physical activity demands a lot of energy, so a good nutrition is the fuel your body needs to function when playing sports. Eat an hour after training and be sure to eat protein and carbohydrates.

Drink water. This is one of the tips that you should not forget. When you exercise, your body sweats and loses too much water, so it is essential that you take in plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. In addition, water enhances all body functions: it benefits the functions of metabolism, cleanse your kidneys and keeps you cool.

Have a gentle massage. This improves circulation and repair your muscle tissues. It is also the best option for relaxing as you deserve.

Alternate cold water baths and hot water baths. This is a practice carried out by professional athletes: alternating ice baths and massages with hot water baths to reduce muscle soreness and prevent injury. Temperature changes in the muscles dilate blood vessels and helps eliminate waste in the tissues.

Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is important for everyone to recover the energy spent during the day, especially if we practice physical activity. During sleep, the body produces growth hormone, which is responsible for growth and tissue repair.

Do not push yourself too much. Nothing in excess is good, so you must exercise the right size for your conditions and depending on the time you have been doing the activity. If you push yourself more than you can give, you will have less desire to continue.

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