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Rihanna’s Secret to Staying in Shape

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On the red carpet at 2012 Grammy Awards, the beautiful Rihanna came in great shape. A breathtaking body highlighted by a sexy black dress signed by Giorgio Armani.

What Rihanna’s secret of fitness?

Harley Pasternak , Rihanna’s personal trainer said that Rihanna has great will power to stay in shape. Not only does she exercise consistently, she also resist the tempting delicacies and salty cravings. Harley Pasternak said, ” When on tour, Rihanna goes to the gym at least three times a week with cardio sessions that last at least 25 minutes each. She does all exercises that can be done in a hotel room or in the backstage before a concert . But when at home, she is more focused on her physical form and moves the bar higher, increasing the sessions in the gym to five days a week for 30 minutes. Rihanna is really wonderful and getting better.”



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