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Risk factors for stroke

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It has been proven through meticulous research that some factors could potentiate one’s risk of suffering from stroke. Some of these risk factors can be controlled, meaning avoided and there are some that are beyond one’s capability as far as controlling or prevention is concerned. Below are some of the factors that we can at least have some degree of control towards them;

1. Smoking or the use of tobacco. The risk factor of suffering from stroke is usually increased in people that smoke and the risk increases with the frequency and amount of smoking per individual.

2. Obesity is also another risk factor that can expose one to having a stroke in the long run, the good thing, however is we can control it by choosing to cut down on our body weight.

3. The use of alcohol is another factor that definitely will increase your risk of suffering from stroke and some other related diseases especially those affecting the liver.

4. People that suffer from some of the following diseases could have their risk of suffering from stroke highly increased and so they could suffer from stroke secondarily. Some of these conditions include the following among others, diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and other circulation problems.





The other factors that we cannot really have any control include the following;

1. Family history. If anybody in the family lineage especially a close relative had suffered from stroke before, then your risk of suffering from stroke is a little bit higher and so careful screening and monitoring should be implemented.

2. Age is another factor that increases your risk of suffering from stroke because it increases with age, which is according to research and so the aged are at an increased risk that the young.

3. Gender is another factors as well as stroke is more common in men than in women so being male is on its own a risk factor of suffering from stroke.

Some other factors like having suffered from a previous stroke are also under the uncontrollable factors. So in conclusion, we have seen a good number of factors that could predispose you to stroke and so if you have any of them, then the necessary preventive measures should be initiated.


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