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Safe and unsafe exercises

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American college of obstetrician and gynecology recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day except if medically contraindicated .

Though exercises have show to have great benefit to the pregnant mother if performed with caution and at a gradual pace, it is not all exercises that should be performed during pregnancy.


What are exercises are safe during pregnancy;

It is essential to choose exercises that do not require balance and coordination, especially in late pregnancy because changing in balance during pregnancy may affect rapid movements.

The safest exercise to perform while pregnant is;

– Swimming; it is gently on the joints and relieves swollen ankles.

– Yoga; strengthens the muscles and ease back pain

– Brisk walking

– Indoor stationary cycling; boosts heart rate without stressing the joint

– Low-impact aerobics; keeps the heart and lungs strong and tones the entire body.

– Mild jogging especially if you were doing them before the onset of pregnancy

– Kegel; done anywhere any time help strengthens the muscles of the uterus, bladder and bowel, which places part in delivery.

What exercises are not safe during pregnancy;

– Skitting.

– Horseback riding.

– Contact sports such as football, basketball, softball, volleyball.

– Exercises that may cause abdominal trauma.

– Jumping, hopping, skipping, and running.

– Tip toeing, sit-ups, standing on the toes.

– Bouncing while stretching.

– Waist bending movements while standing.

When to stop exercising;

– When you feel headaches and chest pain.

– When you have calf pain or swelling.

– When you feel less fetal movement.

– headaches.



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