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Salivary glands diseases

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Saliva is a secretary that is of a big importance in the first phase of the food digestion.      (Preparing the food for digestion and digestion affected by the saliva enzymes). Beside that saliva have defensive role (antibodies, leukocytes, agglutinative factors). Disordering one of these functions can make complications in the pathology of the saliva glands.  Saliva glands are characterized with symptoms originate from the disorder of the saliva secrete. It is often noted that salivation is manifested with slobbering of the dogs and disorders in eating. Decreased salivation of the saliva glands is a sign of dehydration, some poisonings etc. Sialadenitis (inflammation of the salivary glands) it is often noticed in dog or cat cases and it is a complication of oropharyngeal inflammations. The clinic picture depends on the thing that caused the inflammation and varies from softly increased salivation, problems with opening the mouth, chewing problems, complete swallowing disorder. The saliva cyst is often disease of the saliva glands and is an archway disease of the extract channels. The interruption originates as a result of outside traumas or from complications of different diseases of other organs in the mouth. Depending of the localization of the cyst the process is followed by clinical signs and mostly they appear as a hardened swallowing and hardenings in breathing.

One of the worst diseases of the salivary glands are tumors; the most often sings of this type of diseases are; swelling of the mouth or in the mouth and tongue, jaw pain, problems with speaking, breathing and swallowing. Treatment of this type of tumors is surgical removal, chemotherapy and radiation treatment if the tumor metastases. The complexity of the surgery depends of the tumor reproduction; the bigger to tumor is the more complex the surgery is.

Prevention of these types of diseases depends of few factors; minimizing the amount of alcohol, unnecessary exposure of radiation also usage of condom can reduce the risk of salivary diseases.


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