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Salmon – delicious and healthy

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Including two meals a week of this tasty fish meat, can make the difference between being healthy and being weak. This is the fish that is the first choice of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists; it is one of the few meats recommended to pregnant woman, and there is a good reason for this, salmon meat consumption has been shown to lower the risk of many serious health conditions.


The salmon contains high levels of protein in its meat, this protein is easily absorbable by human organism, and it is absolutely clean and has no agent that can develop diseases, usually malign, and this is connected to some other sources of protein. All this protein and the amino acids the fish provide are essential to muscle building, preventing muscle catabolism and maintain good health of muscle, bones and tissue.

It is the Omega – 3 fatty acids that are the most beneficial nutrient to men, these fatty acids help reduce your bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides levels. Omega – 3 strengthens the heart and maintains good cardio health, it is common supplement recommended by doctors after suffered heath attack. Eating salmon also helps regulate your blood pressure. Omega – 3 are also good for your brain and can make you memory better.

Salmon is also good source of some vitamins, such as Vitamin A and D, and some Vitamins of the group B, there is also significant quantity of minerals in salmons meat, including iron, calcium, selenium and phosphorus. This combination of vitamins and minerals help maintain and protect your nervous system from several diseases that come with aging. Other benefits of eating salmon include: lower the risk of diabetes, maintain good vision, benefits in the health of the hair and skin. There are many benefits from consuming salmon; the fact that it is tasty is another reason to include it in your diet.


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