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Saunas – Is this worldwide business good for your health?

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The word sauna comes for Finnish and it refers to bathhouse. The first sauna also came from Finland, but today saunas are spread all around the world, they are literally everywhere. There are also sauna and spa centers built for so called healing tourism. So is this just a business or is it actually good for your health.


Sauna is a room with high temperature, there are many different types of saunas now, and one classification of the saunas is on wet and dry. But the effects it has on the body are nearly similar in all. It is heated to a certain point of temperature, ranging from 40 C° (104 F°) to very high such as 85 C° (185 F°). While you are in the sauna you start to sweat intensely and you can lose half a liter or more of sweat. Your heart starts to work much faster, pumping more blood, around 30 % more. The blood flow is growing mostly in the skin, while it is declining in the internal organs. The effect on the blood pressure differs from person to person.

When everything is taken in consideration, the use of the sauna does not seem to be dangerous if you take some precautions. People with heart disease and artery diseases should check with their doctors before entering a sauna. Those with high blood pressure, more severe heart diseases should stay away for their own better. Before going in sauna a healthy person should consider staying in there for no more than 20 minutes and when out try to cool down gradually. It is best to avoid medications and use of alcohol before entering. After the sauna treatment it is good to drink more liquid, because you have lost plenty.


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