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Save Your Brain from Alzheimer!

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God has given us brain as one of our main important assets. So, it is important to make it work like it should. It needs adequate supply of nutrition and they include AA, Omega-6 and definitely omega-3 as fatty acid. They can keep our brain from suffering Alzheimer’s disease. Based on recent researches, Alzheimer is one of the most dangerous diseases that 90% of people throughout the world have tendency to suffer. The only solution for human beings to avoid this disease is by taking proper nutrients and taking certain drugs. However, before we have to deal with chemical drugs, it will be better to feed our brain with nutrients that it needs.

Besides minimizing Alzheimer, fatty acids can minimize the risk of suffering from learning disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, heart disease, and Parkinson. We should be lucky that we are surrounded by many nutritious, natural, and organic foods for protecting our brain from those kinds of diseases. You can imagine that we enjoy those tasty foods which can bring good impact for our brain. Our brain has lipids, molecules, which are fat-soluble, based. They will work better in transmitting signals when they get enough supply of omega fatty acid. This substance can also help to build better mood, performance and brain memory.

It is as easy as preparing yourself with salmon, nuts, avocados and some oils like olive oil and soy oil, peas, beans, spinach, chamomile tea, rosemary, oregano,  tomatoes, carrots, apricots and sweet potatoes. Aren’t those very easy to get and affordable enough?

Keep our brain active is another effective way to boost brain’s health and avoid many diseases, which relate with brain disorder. Memorizing things and taking simple courses like foreign language courses, or even filling crosswords puzzle can be very helpful. Those are the best ways to keep our brain from premature aging. The last important thing is to have a good sleep. Our brain can feel tired and we should energize it by resting it through adequate time amount to sleep for better information process.


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