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School Anxiety – 5 Tips for Helping Your Children Start a New School Year

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After months of holidays, when the back-to-school days are near, most kids develop a condition we call school anxiety.  Helping your children start a new school year can come up as a challenge for you. If you are an experienced parent, and your first child was a sweetheart who never made going back to school an issue for you, but your younger child is giving you a hard time, you must stay positive and search for all possible ways of overcoming your child’s school anxiety.


Here are 5 of the finest tips that can be used as a tool in order to help your child get rid of school anxiety:

  1. Make your child feel better about school:

 Most kids open up quite easily when you make an effort to find out the problems they are facing. As a responsible parent, you should make the parent-child bond stronger by simply guiding your kid through this transition.

Begin with how he will get to play his favorite game with his fellows and about the interesting things he will come across.

  1. Help your kid cope up with the routine:

Manage your child’s routine many days before school. Get him to bed early and make him get up at school time, brush their teeth and have breakfast. This way, when the school re-opens, there would be less change in routine.

  1. Do not miss the orientation day:

If your child is going to a new school, make sure you don’t miss the orientation day. Once your child would become familiar with the environment, the school anxiety would start going away.

  1. Make sure your child is comfortable with the teacher and the other mates:

Make sure you arrange a sitting with the teacher so that your child opens up to her and feels comfortable in her presence. Same is the case with the classmates.

  1. Stay positive and try not to overreact:

As a parent, you want to make this back to school transition easy for your kid. Be positive at all times and continue to teach him manners and good habits. Try not to force your child or overreact in front of him. This will make all your efforts go in vain.

By these little efforts, you can boost your child’s confidence and his educational performance. All the best for the challenge!



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