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Sexual Dysfunction in Women

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What is sexual dysfunction? 

When you have problems with sex, doctors call it “sexual dysfunction”. Both men and women can have it. There are 4 types of sexual problems in women:

  • Disorders of desire: When she’s not interested in sex or have less desire for sex than she used to have.
  • Arousal disorders: When they do not feel a sexual response in the body or can not stay sexually aroused.
  • Disorders of orgasm: When you can not have an orgasm or when you feel pain during an orgasm.
  • Sexual pain disorders: When you have pain during intercourse or after.

How do I know if I have a problem?

Up to 70% of couples have a sexual problem at some point in their relationship. Most women will at some point in their life, will not like any sexual relations. This does not necessarily mean you have a sexual problem.

If you do not want to have sex with someone you like, you may have a sexual problem. Discuss your concerns with your doctor. Remember that any information that you tell your doctor is private and your doctor can help you find a cause and possible treatment for sexual dysfunction.

What is the cause of sexual dysfunction?

Many factors can cause problems in your sex life. Certain medications (such as oral contraceptives and chemotherapy drugs), diseases (like diabetes or high blood pressure), excessive alcohol consumption or vaginal infections can cause sexual problems. Depression, marital problems or abuse (current or past abuse) can also cause sexual dysfunction.

You may have less sexual desire during pregnancy, immediately after childbirth or while breastfeeding. After menopause, many women feel less sexual desire, have vaginal dryness or have pain during sex due to a decrease in estrogen.

The stress of everyday life can also affect your ability to have sex. Being tired from having a hectic work or care for children can affect your sexual desire. 

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