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Sinus headaches; Home remedies for relieving the pain

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The most common symptoms of sinusitis are runny nose and annoying headache. First of all let me tell you that sinuses are air filled cavities that are present inside the head which are connected to the nostrils via tiny openings.

Sinus headache is characterized by pain in the region that is above the nose, in forehead and in between eyes. The reason behind this headache is congestion and high pressure caused by the excessive mucus secretion and the blockage of the opening that are present in the nose to drain away that mucus.

Home remedies that will help relieve sinus headache:

Some easy home remedies are as follows that will help unblock the openings and drain the mucus resultantly decreased congestion:


Hot water steam when inhaled through the nose works to clean the nostrils. This is because due to the steam, thinning of the mucus takes place and this result in relieving congestion. You will feel way better and the headache would subside.

Neti pot:

The neti pot is used by many people as a home remedy for improving sinus headache. In this technique, you need fill the neti pot with water and dissolve some salt in it. When you pour this saline into your nose for some time, one by one in both nostrils, you will feel that it passes through the blocked holes and clear the way.

Drink a lot of water:

Water thins the mucous and this will help the excessive mucus to flow easily without blocking the holes.

Make sure you see a doctor for proper treatment of sinusitis.



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