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Skin regime: What’s the right order?

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Everyone wants to feel good about their skin, although for many of us our skincare routine seems to have little effect on its condition. Do you take care of your skin with cleansers, moisturisers, toners, serums and sunscreen?

If your skin never seems to be in perfect condition afterwards, it might be because you aren’t applying them in the correct sequence. It’s an easy mistake to make, because like anything; from getting Aviva Life insurance to buying a car, if you don’t do the research, you’ll never know for sure.

Here are the steps you ought to take:

Morning routine

1) Cleanse and tone – These two should always go on straight after washing your face, to prepare your skin for treatments and make-up.

2) Treatments and moisturising – If you use any serums and anti wrinkle creams, they should be applied next to clean skin, and given five minutes to soak into your skin. Only apply moisturiser once the serum is absorbed.

3) Sunscreen – Many people don’t bother to use sunscreen, but you should, even in the winter, to protect your skin from Mother Nature. Some day moisturisers have SPF protection.

Evening routine

After washing away the residual make-up and grime from the day you should:

1) Cleanse and tone – It might be an idea to try different cleansers until you find one that’s suitable for your skin.

2) Treatments – Any night serums, gels and creams meant for treating skin should be applied now. Allow 10 minutes to soak.

3) Moisturising – Eye cream is applied next, before you apply your night time moisturiser.


You need to maintain your skins freshness by exfoliating at least once a week. Twice if you can. Hydrating masks should be applied once a week, on a day you don’t exfoliate.

Hopefully this has cleared up the confusion. Within a few weeks you’ll notice a vast improvement in the condition of your skin.

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