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Smoking in Adolescence

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When you start smoking before age 17, it increases the risk that you are a smoker all your life .

Researchers at the University of Utah have found that people who start smoking at an early age are at greater risk of becoming addicted to nicotine, if their genes have inherited a genetic variation that makes them more prone to addiction.

The study recommends preventing smoking in adolescence, as this could have an important influence on the development of smoking a person throughout his life.

The subjects studied were 2,827 people who smoked for many years. They were divided into two groups: those who started smoking before age 16, and those who started at 17. The study resulted in the vacation genetic (predisposing to addiction to nicotine) increases the risk of dependence to snuff.

Those who started smoking before age 16, inherited two copies of the gene sequence of high risk, had a greater increase in the risk of addiction. However, this did not happen to those who began smoking after age 17.

In conclusion, we can say that: the influence of genetics discovered in adolescents contributes to a risk of addiction in their lifetime, produced by the consumption of snuff in adolescence.

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