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Health and spa tourism are one of the most rapidly evolving sectors of the tourism industry, the growth of this sector is of course due to increased interest by tourists into alternative medicine and traditional methods of healing, such as massage, spas, mud bath, hot springs etc. This sector is one of the new sectors of tourism and there is not much information on it. However it is certain that spa and wellness tourism as a form of health tourism and a way to relax is one of the fastest growing.


Although it is a form of health tourism, most of the visitors’ main reason for visiting a spa center is the relaxation. It is good solution for escaping from reality for a while and enjoy.  It is also a way to reduce stress, promote weight loss and exercise effects and other health reasons. Massages are the most preferred treatment in all of their varieties; others are the mud baths and hydrotherapies and combinations of more methods into one treatment.

No matter if it is a day spa or spa resort it is most certain that well equipped center would include: swimming pools, steam bath, sauna, physical fitness or fitness center, restaurant or facility where healthy and organic foods are being served, establishment for older and disabled. Spa centers have employed medical professionals and stuff, such as trainers and instructors, but also nutritionist and diet planners etc.

Spa tourism is good for the environment too; it can be promoter of countries natural resources and act in preservation of the same, such as geysers and hot springs, lagoons, lakes and seas. The income from the spa centers can be used to preserve the natural surroundings around the spa centers, help reduce waste and pollution and promote eco – tourism.


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