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What Do These Super-Foods Really Do For You?

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chiahempfoodThe term ‘super-foods’ is really just a marketing term used to describe foods that are healthy. .. or supposedly healthy. Lets take a look at a couple super-foods and see what they really do for you… marketing aside.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been an American ‘super food’ for a long time. It is suggested that eating Chia on a regular basis lowers our risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, research done has shown mixed results. The seed, otherwise known as Salba, is nutritious, but whether we can really link the consumption of Chia to the lowering of our blood pressure has yet to be determined. So far there are no studies that have definitively concluded this.

Nutrition: (per tablespoon): 2g protein, 4g fiber, 1.75 g omega-3

Hemp Hearts

I love these in my yogurt. I honestly think it is one of the best tastes as an alternative to granola. Hemp is expensive as it is said to be a super-food. Although it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States, Canada’s agricultural sector are producing large amounts and making significant profit.

Hemp hearts are a good source of fiber as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. They also have calcium, minerals and iron which provide a high likelihood of proper absorption. Given the combination of all of these vitamins and minerals, Hemp Hearts are a great choice for nutritious and lasting energy.


Kefir is a cultured milk product. It is made when you add grains to partially skimmed milk (cow’s) and allow it to ferment for approximately 24 hours. What happens is the bacteria and yeast ferment the milk, which in turn lowers the pH, and changes the texture and overall composition. The end result is a product that contains incredibly nutritious live bacteria and yeast that do, in fact, have huge benfits to our overall health. On top of that, Kefir is packed with calcium and probiotics that significant help with digestion.

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