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Swimming – fun and healthy

By on May 7, 2013 in Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Everybody wants to go and take a nice long dip in to the sea, lake or pool. Whether you go swimming for fun or as a way to get fit, the benefits of swimming, besides fun are many. Swimming has the same outcome, when cardio vascular health is in question, as other aerobic exercises such as running, the difference is that with swimming you do not put additional stress to certain parts of the body such as knees, back and other parts of the body that are affected in negative way. This is way swimming is one of the best cardio exercise you can do, and train almost every part of the body, you will train shoulders, back, arms, legs and you can shape your abdominals.


If you can swim as hard as you can run, you will burn much more calories in swimming than running, it can also be done by everyone, because there are no risk factors and injuries are much less possible to happen than in other cardio sports. It also helps your respiratory and cardio system without putting too much pressure on the heart. Swimming is good for burning calories, and if you can go for an hour of swimming than an average person will burn 900 calories, which is significant amount. Another interesting fact about swimming is that while you are in water and the water is colder than air, your body loses calories in order to maintain temperature, so cold water itself helps lose extra calories.

Swimming is fun, it is also a beneficial factor on your stress, it reliefs it. As you improve your breathing with swimming, you are also becoming more relaxed. If you can make a good practice in swimming you will see incredible results in not very long time.


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