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Symptoms of type 2 diabetes

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The vast majority of people with diabetes suffer from type 2 diabetes also known as insulin resistant diabetes. And of these many are unaware that they have the disease. Nevertheless, they have a problem with either production or use of insulin, leading to a build-up of glucose in the blood and not in the body’s cells where it is needed for them to function properly.

Blood and/or urine tests are the only way to tell for certain if the problem is diabetes, but there are many symptoms which ring alarm bells. These include:


• A need to urinate frequently, particularly at night, paired with an excessive thirst indicates that the kidneys are working overtime to get rid of the high levels of glucose in the blood

• Excessive hunger, especially after eating, indicates wild swings in blood sugar levels. When the levels drop after a meal the body thinks that it has not eaten and crave more.

• Unplanned weight loss can be a sign of many illnesses, but can also indicate diabetes as the body thinks that it is starving (because glucose is not getting to the cells) and begins to break down protein for fuel.

• Infections, or cuts and bruises that donot heal as quickly as they should are classic signs of diabetes. Blood vessels are damaged by the high levels of glucose and this makes it difficult for blood to reach all parts of the body.

• Skin problems, such as itchy skin due to poor circulation, or a darkening of the skin in the armpit area and around the neck are another warning sign. Numbness or tingling of the hands or feet is another.

• The doctor needs to know about unexplained fatigue, nausea and occasional vomiting

• Dry mouth is a lesser symptom, but adds to the overall picture

• Blurred vision which should be looked into immediately.



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