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If you decided to lower few pounds of your body, than this regime of feed will be a nice way to achieve your goal. With this diet the pounds of body weights you lose are on a healthy and natural way without starving. Many of the diets these days can be unhealthy and can make problems in your metabolism, while this diet is extremely healthy and have absolutely no side effects. This diet balances the nutrition’s in the body and keeps the calories on a standard level. That is why after only 14 day the results will be astonishing.

Before Breakfast

Start your day with a glass of warm water with few drops of lemon juice. This lemonade will purify the body and will help for burning fat.

In the next hour and a half drink 3 more cups of water and lemon to clean the body from toxins. During the day your organism needs at least 2 liters of water.


            Breakfast is the most important meal and it shouldn`t be skipped. Breakfast in this diet is normal and fast to make.

Boiled eggs
Oats with milk
Fruits (If it is banana then on is enough)


            For lunch you can make a meal which contains many proteins and you can combine it with fresh salad.
Roasted or boiled chicken, beef or turkey
Spinach soup or integral tortillas


            Dinner must be the lightest meal. You can make vegetable soup, or boiled vegetables with olive oil.

Between meals

Between meals you can eat fruits and vegetables. Apples are very good as a dieting food; also you can eat some integral snacks but in low amounts.

Forbidden food

Drinks with additives
Chips and snacks
Chocolates and sweets


            Beside this type of diet, it is recommended to exercise. No matter what activity at least 3 times a week can make you feel comfortable and happier in your own body.


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