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Thalassotherapy: The Gift of the Sea

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Running, splashing, diving, or simply closing your eyes lying on the sand and be left seduced by the salty smell of a spa and the delicate melodies of the sea. That’s thalassotherapy.

This alternative technique includes the use of all elements and marine environments to prevent, heal and strengthen your body through the natural restoration of the body’s chemical balance. This can also be your great ally for those days when you need to recover energy and leave in oblivion from the workload and fatigue.

All this movement of marine therapy started in the year 1900 in France. Typically, you will find these health centers in coastal areas, where the noise and pollution is far for the development of the sessions. The seawater is rich in minerals and trace elements. Preferably drawn from 10 meters deep, an algae, known for their high content in minerals and vitamins, as well as the marine climate, famous for its purity, has a relaxing and soothing power that has the ability to clean our lungs.

The thalassotherapy treatments include basic methods from traditional natural methods like taking a bath on the beach, buried under the sand, walks to the sea and sunbathing. This therapy also has artificial methods like the use of whirlpools with sea water at 34° C , showers, seaweed wraps, mud baths, partial baths in the hands or feet and marine steam .

Taking part in these sessions benefits the body.

In the cosmetic field, it helps muscle tone, skin cleansing, cellulite reducing and  rejuvenating benefits.

Thalassotherapy is widespread practice to combat circulation problems and breathing difficulties like asthma and bronchitis. It is a key factor in stimulating the immune system, because it relieves sleep disorders and helps fight stress.

The thalassotherapy is a simple treatment that gets spectacular results.

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