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The Ballet: What You Should Know

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The ballet is one of the most widespread classical arts. A modern dance, it is an activity that attracts a large group of viewers worldwide, who enjoy the grace of movement and music that characterizes it.

However, as with all the arts, those involved in the ballet should be ready for certain sacrifices – particularly with regard to food and training .

You should know that although it seems a harmonious and graceful activity, and makes you feel that the movements flow naturally, it is not a light discipline. It is a high impact sport that can cause even more injuries than football and rugby.

It is also important that the dancers have a slender body with long legs, thin and firm, high neck and small head and texture. This body type usually achieve much better results than others and make a difference.

It is for this reason that the ballet can lead to eating disorders. Those who want to be dancers undergo very restricted diets and a heavy workout to achieve the ideal body type for ballet. This often makes the dancers suffer menstrual disorders and scoliosis.

Moreover, it is also important that those who want to be dancers begin in a few years, when the skeleton is under development. This will cause the body to reach the flexibility needed for the movements and positions of ballet.

The ballerina, Darcey Bussell, principal dancer of the Royal Ballet , makes recommendations for those wishing to engage in this complex art:

  • Always practice with music, to better memorize the movements and relieve some of the stress of training feeling.
  • Bathe in bath salts after dancing . This helps the body’s flexibility.
  • Trust the word of a teacher or coach.
  • Do not abuse the use of mirrors. Bussell recommends guide by direct perception of the movements of your body, instead of using mirrors to accentuate the beauty of the dance.
  • Practicing Pilates to develop more body strength.
  • No pressure you if you do not get a movement. You need to give your body time to learn and incorporate that.
  • Stay hydrated, as when playing any sport.
  • Practice with passion and enjoy.

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