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The Beauty Sleep

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Sleep is very important for a good looking healthy skin. Commonly has it been noticed that people with sleepless nights develop some dark circles which go away as they go for a slumber. So a good sleep is nothing less of a beauty treatment.


Get the nap to work in your favor by following a few tricks:

i   Got some sleep lines on face? You sleep on your stomach. Quit it, because this way you burry your own head under its weight, gifting your face a weird pattern of ugly lines.

ii  If you can’t help sleeping on your tummy, go buy some satin or silk pillow covers. Less friction means less wrinkles and less frizzy hair.

iii Don’t go to bed without a pillow, otherwise fluids would pool around your eyes and make them look puffy. An elevated head during slumber gives you bright eyes in the morning.

iv Having a dry skin means moisturizing at bed time. Don’t wake up with a dry flaky skin. It suits none.

v  Oily skin? Remove the oil and dirt. Give your skin an “oily night off” and see how it pays you off.

vi No makeup during sleep. Don’t be harsh towards your skin, makeup chemicals will only reduce the life of your “good skin”.


 A sleep can bless you with GH, growth hormone that is, inducing growth in your body. Grow more with a healthy life by sleeping for about 6-8 hours a day.

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