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The benefits of sports

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Sports can help you in various ways, because every athlete determined to succeed, must improve its own way of life in order to achieve better results. An athlete must be aware of the way he or she lives, must do constant improvement of the diet and the regiment, and do some research and try to understand the needs of one’s self  body, thus being aware of the consequences of his life style.

Sports help create better mental health, it is common to athletes to fail, but failure makes an athlete stronger, it is no different in the everyday life, an athlete learns how to overcome every failure and use this in its own problems, learns how to be patient and not to give up.  Sportsmen have more confidence in life than those who does not practice any sport or activity. Confidence is the belief you can do something and an athlete believes in his own ability to win. Sports make you proud of your victories, but also teach you how to respect others. So it can be said that sports help improve and increase self – confidence, determination, self –awareness, the spirit of competence, but also increase the ability to work in team and of course physical health.


Benefits of practicing sports on the physical health are many, it has been confirmed with many studies that sports help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, it helps fight diabetes and hypertension, as well as osteoporosis and depression. Sports help reduce obesity; it decreases stress and strengthens the heart and the lungs. Sports help build stronger and flexible muscles, which protects the body from injuries, fitness and sports help you make a better figure and thus the give you boost of confidence and self-esteem.


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