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The Best Exercises for Abs

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Do you want to have a flat and toned stomach? Well, exercise, plenty of exercise! While the general physical exercise (jogging, walking, biking, playing sports, etc.) helps burn calories and keep the line, there are specific exercises that specifically responsible for eliminating belly fat and tone those muscles as desired. This article will tell you what some of the best exercises for the abs.

I know many people are really lazy or have very little time to step on the gym, but I assure meeting these exercises even in their homes every day will achieve remarkable results. The effort will be worth it!

Here are some examples of abdominal exercises:

Captain Chair

Captain’s chair is a device that you find in most gyms, like a chair without a seat. Stand on the chair supports your forearms on armrests and try to raise the legs together with knees pointing up. Lower the legs but without ever touching the floor to raise them again. Steady arm on the armrest provides support for the whole body, so that the force is exerted entirely by your abdominal muscles.

About a ball

Doing crunches on an exercise ball is much more effective than them on the floor, as the muscles do all the work without the help of the legs.

Vertical leg crunches

Lie on a mat, place your legs up with knees slightly bent, thus forming an L with your body. With the strength of the abdominals lift your body as if you bring your chest to the knees. This exercise is great for exercising the rectus abdominis, the main muscle in the area, and oblique.

Abdominal legs bent

Lie on a mat with arms outstretched and palms supported. Bring your knees toward your chest and keep your feet pointing up. Lift your hips off the ground in a slight movement, as if you rest your feet on the ceiling. This is a very good exercise for lower abdominals, which are difficult to work.

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