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A person needs energy in the day time for carrying the daily activities of life. This means it is an uphill battle and most of the time people are short of nourishment and rest. For recovering the energy lost and maintaining a nice energy level, there are some recipes one should try out.

With the help of common kitchen items, these much needed energy drinks can be made. These juices are terrific and ready made almost. Also, they are energizing and revitalizing. They can be made at all times of the day as well.

Let’s examine some recipes for natural energy juice quickly:

1: Figs and bananas are like exclusive shakes for a man. Take a glass of water and blend a banana and a few figs. Take a teaspoon of bee pollen, provided one isn’t allergic. Take sweet honey if more calories are needed.

2: Carrot and eggs are too energizing. Take a mixture of eggs and carrots. Mix it with sweet honey.

3: Take the honey mixture, eggs and soy now. Mix all of them in a plain milk and reap the richness.

4: Take honey, eggs, carrot, apple, honey and ginseng. Now take plain milk and blend the mixture altogether. The mixture acquired will keep for long hours of the day.

All of the above juices are the best there exist for revitalization and energizing. It improves functions of a human body and keeps them running.

Last but the least

Acai berries are simply exquisite and more commonly called acai. They are so much delicious and wondrous. But they have simply tremendous health benefits. They are employed in many foods and dishes. They have antioxidant properties and contain great digestive properties. Acai have some advantages which are examined below:

  • Energizing
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Energizing
  • Anti-mutagenic

They are in short wondrous for human intake.


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