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The Moon diet

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The moon diet is one of the popular diets that will ensure you to lose weight, fast easy and healthy. It is a liquid diet that follows the phases of the moon (new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter). The diet needs to be applied 4 times in month, one day for every week. It starts with the moon entering one of the phases and lasts for 24 hours. While the day of the beginning of the phase has come, one should follow certain regime and that includes great amounts of water, approximately 3 – 4 liters, tea, it can be sweetened with honey, sugar is not allowed, fruit and vegetable, with no additions.  Milk and alcohol are not allowed, during the diet. If you use the diet as directed you may lose 1 – 3 kg (up to 6 pounds).


During the rest of the week there are no restrictions, but you should have more balanced variety of foods. When the moon grows bigger you should tend to lower your calorie intake, while when the moon goes smaller you can allow yourself to have a cheat meal. Going for a walk, fitness or any other activity will only help achieve your desired goal faster. You should also have enough sleep and think positively. Avoid using sugar and salt during the rest of the week is always a good choice.

The moon diet purifies the body; it does remove toxins and excessive body fluids. If you have problems during the diet day of the week, and you get increased food cravings the following days of the week, you should think twice on starting the moon diet.  Consulting a physician before starting this or any other diet can only help make a better choice.


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