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The Myths on Hydration

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We know water is the healthiest drink, and it is essential to develop our vital functions. It helps us to stay hydrated and energetic and, last but not least, it is also a trick to lose weight. Now, do you know how many glasses of water you should drink per day? Eight? Ten?

Is it better to drink ice cold water or tap water? As you have seen, the simple habit of drinking water also raises many questions. We answer all the myths on hydration below.

It is not necessary that we drink 8 glasses of water per day. We should not take that amount as an obsession, it is relative. Our body needs about 2 to 3 liters of water per day, which means not drinking just water. For example, eating fresh fruits is also a way of consuming water and staying hydrated.

Drinking coffee or drinks with caffeine causes dehydration. New studies have shown that caffeinated drinks have a diuretic effect not as powerful as previously thought. Coffee is good for health, as long as you consume in moderation and you should not  forget to drink water throughout the day.

Drinking water helps you lose weight. We know that drinking water is one of the tricks to lose weight. However, water alone does not make us lose weight. We must supplement it with a healthy diet and exercise.

We have to wait to be thirsty to drink water. Error! Water is not only to quench thirst. To keep our body hydrated throughout the day, we have to drink water, whether or not we are thirsty.

Yes you can drink lots of water. We can drink all the water we want, provided it is distributed throughout the day. Drink lots of water, but be careful not to exceed the capacity of our kidneys, as it may be dangerous.

Cold water is not necessarily better. It is always said that to speed up metabolism and lose weight, it is best to consume cold water. However, there is no evidence to affirm that belief. You can drink cold water, natural or warm if you prefer.

Bottled water is practically the same. That’s right: water is essentially water. So when choosing a market, think about the price and taste.

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