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The Simple Phobias

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The simple phobias are phobias of the the bizarre (like fear or ugliness of numbers) to the most rational (such as fear of heights or firearms). Very often, phobias of this type are usually related to traumatic events experienced in the past that left a mark for life. People who have simple phobias seek to avoid what they fear at all costs for the rest of the day.

The most common types of phobia are usually something that’s like being attacked by a snake, a spider or some sort of animal. Or, this fear can be present by someone who had a car accident, and fears to go through that situation again. However, we can also find some phobias that are very bizarre such as fear of poetry, white moths, feathers and praise from others.

Some types of simple phobias are:

Xilofobia: Fear of wooden objects.
Venustrafobia: Fear of women very beautiful.
Telefonofobia: Fear of telephones.
Numerofobia: Fear of numbers.
Cacofobia: Fear of ugliness.
Acrophobia: Fear of heights.
Aerophobia: Fear of flying.
Aicmofobia: Fear of sharp objects and sharp.
Hoplofobia: Fear of firearms.
Ligirofobia: Fear of explosions.

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