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Tidbits About Sore Throat

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The sore throat is a fairly common nuisance that causes us itching, burning and irritation when swallowing. In most cases, the throat symptoms are accentuated in the morning and improves as the day continues.

In the same way as colds and flu, sore throat is due to a common viral infection. Although it is usually not considered as a disease, it can be very painful and cause many problems.

There are different types of sore throats, with each has a characteristic of a particular virus. Some viruses develop blisters in the throat that causes painful swallowing. The itches are very strong.

Diseases such as influenza, tonsillitis and pharyngitis often accompany sore throat in almost all cases. Sore throat is caused by a bacteria called streptococcus. These infections are treated with antibiotics and can bring fever.

Sometimes, you may feel sore throat without infection. In these cases, a very dry weather could be the origin. Or, it may be caused by an allergy when breathing through the mouth causes discomfort.

When we sleep with a dry mouth, there is also a chance of developing sore throat when we wake up. This usually disappears, however, after swallowing liquids. This also tends to disappear during the day.

Smokers and those who work in contact with substances that can be inhaled are more likely to have a sore throat.

These symptoms come after such a night in which they have smoked or inhaled cigarette smoke of others, in addition to ingesting cold drinks.

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