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Tips for relieving constipation

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Fullness, pain in the stomach, tight waist and restlessness caused due to constipation is usually one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever. Infrequency in bowel movement may be due to many different reasons. Mild or severe stomachache may make you wonder when the last time you went to the bathroom was. The following tips may help you bowel get moving.

  • Don’t omit a meal and don’t overload you diet with fibers all of a sudden. When you don’t eat for a long time, your GIT refuses to push the waste out. Speaking of fibers, too much of them all at once may even cause diarrhea. Take a moderate amount of fiber in diet for it makes the stool soft and pushes it forward. .
  • Sometimes constipation might be due to decreased water intake in diet. Consume six or more H2O minimally to soften the stool so that it is easy to be excreted out.
  • Plan a specific time of the day preferably in the morning after breakfast as you bathroom time.
  • Applying strain to get it out won’t help you. You may increase your chances of hemorrhoids.
  • Research reveals that physical activity and exercise has the power to improve bowel movement. Indulge in activities such as jogging, walking or swimming. When paying attention to workouts and exercises, just make sure you don’t forget to take enough water.
  • There are many foods that act as laxatives and should be added to your diet. These include apple, banana, beans, carrots, oats, mangoes, watermelon etc.



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