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Tips for Happy, Healthy Sandwiches

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Oh sandwiches! They get a bit of a bad rap, what with soggy bread or uninspiring fillings, the same old same old club sandwich or caser wrap offered at every restaurant ever (probably). Not to mention they can be unhealthy bundles of fat and processed carbs. But done right, there is nothing more glorious than eating a meal that you can hold in your hands, with every bit nicely balanced. To up your sandwich game, here are some easy tips to follow:

  • Balance is everything. The best sandwiches combine several taste and texture sensations to create a party in your mouth that everyone is invited to. Your sandwich should have something savory, sweet, sour or tangy, fresh, spicy, creamy, and crunchy. If you have something from every category, you’ll be amazed at the difference. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, fig jam makes a great sweet element when paired with cheese or meats like salami. Apples can provide several elements with their crunch texture and sweet to sour taste. Avocado is a good (and healthy) choice for creamy. Basically, go nuts (nuts are good too, especially nut butters)
  • Bread! If you have a gluten free one that works then yes, go ahead and use it, but also consider a  breadless sandwiches with ingredients layered between sweet potato slices, or lettuce wraps-sandwiches, these are great ways to add more nutrition and remove empty carbs. If you don’t think it’s a realy sandwich without “real” bread, get a nice, scratch made baguette, sourdough, or seedy multigrain. Make sure your bread or bread subsitute makes sense with your filling: don’t make a Bahn mi on cinnamon raison bread (but do try that with asiago, arugula, and prosciutto). The bread is a hug for your fillings, it can either be a blanket of warmth that makes everything better or an awkward encounter that you are desperate to end. Choose wisely.
  • Don’t be a Dagwood: sure, we’ve all been so hungry that we would spread our own leg with mayo, put it between two slices of rye and go to town, but there’s no real excuse to load up your sandwich with everything in the fridge and making some kind of monsterwich. Your filling should be about equal to the amount of bread, otherwise you’ll not only be a sloppy falling apart mess, but all the effort you put into picking the right bread will have been for naught.

Bonus tip: if you’re packing one of these bad boys up for lunch and worried about soggy sadness come noon, make sure there is an oil based spread (such as avocado or peanut butter) on both sides cheese is also a good barrier to limp bread syndrome (use in moderation though). No go forth, and happy sandwiching!

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