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One of the amazing facts about hypertension is that many people don’t know that they have it simply because the signs and the symptoms are not very clear and so the only way that one can know is via regular medical checkups. It is very important that you master your normal blood pressure so that it will be easy to notice and detect any changes from the normal that is usually different, or varies from one individual to another. Below are some of the signs and symptoms that will be as a signal or a warning to you that you might be having hypertension and immediate medical attention should be considered.



1. A very severe headache almost similar to a migraine that comes and goes .

2. You will be experiencing confusion and a lot of fatigue. General body weakness and confusion are some of the symptoms that do accompany very high blood pressure.

3. Problems in your vision that is usually as a result of blood under high pressure inside the blood vessels that supply your eyes. If not controlled, it could cause rapture of some of these vessels leading to severe hemorrhage inside the eye.

4. Almost everyone with severe hypertension will have an irregular heart beat. Your heart is forced to increase its workload affecting both systolic and diastolic pressure and the ability to contract of the cardiac muscles, hence the irregular heart beat.

5. Chest pains and difficulties in breathing are some other symptoms that will accompany severe hypertension. One feels a lot of pains on their chest and it is very difficult to breathe. One should immediately seek medical attention whenever these symptoms present and persist.

In conclusion, hypertension could as well cause other symptoms like hematuria (blood in urine) and many more, all of which are uncomfortable and dangerous to one’s body so early detection via regular medical checkups should be ensured.


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