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Physiological jaundice refers to yellow coloring of the skin and conjunctiva of the eyes of a baby during the first two to four days of life that usually goes away withing two weeks caused by excess bilirubin.Bilirubin is a substance that the body produces during the normal breakdown of red blood cells.

Normally the liver helps in the breakdown of these substances and then passes through the intestine as bile to the urine and stool as bile, giving its characteristic color as it passes out of the body. Jaundice occurs when the level of bilirubin in the blood increase faster than the babies liver can break down and passes out of the body.


Reasons why jaundice occurs;

Newborn make higher levels of billirubin than adults do to high turnover of red blood cells during delivery in the uterus, the placenta helps in removing the billirubin, but after birth the baby’s liver starts to do this, but in some cases is insufficient because it is still developing


Discoloration beginning from the face, the chest, the stomach and finally the feet.

Treatment; In mild cases the babies body gradually takes care of the excess bilirubin by passing it through the normal process. In severe cases where the level of bilirubin is very high, treatment with a special kind of light is used and this is called phototherapy. In rare cases exchange blood transfusion is done, during this procedure the baby receives fresh blood and the old one is removed and discarded.


Cerebral palsy, deafness and kernicterus (usually a warning sign for permanent brain damage)


High-level of bilirubin more than 25 mg can result sin serious complications and jaundice could be and indication of other problems therefore, call your doctor immediately you notice any discoloration of your babies skin of eyes.


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