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The only way to find out if you are pregnant, is through a confirmatory test, but there are symptoms present during pregnancy which you can also look out for.

Signs of pregnancy are divided into;

Presumptive signs; these are signs, also found during pregnancy, but something is not a definite sign because other health conditions could cause it. These signs are;

-frequency in urination, occurs during pregnancy at the 1st and 3rd trimester as a result of pressure on the bladder.


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But could also be as a result of infections or consumption of too much water.

– Amenorrhea; this is the absence of menstrual flow, seen from the 4th week of pregnancy. It could also occur as a result of physiological stress,climatic changes and environmental changes

– Breast tenderness and changes; this is a tingling sensation, felt in the breast and growth of the breast tissues from 4th week of pregnancy, it is not a sure sign because this could occur as a result of other pathological conditions.

-Morning sickness; this is a feeling of nausea cause by the increase level in hormones which make gastric emptying slow. It is not a definite sign case food poising can also cause this.

2. Probable signs; these signs strongly indicates pregnancy, but in some very few instances could be as a result of other health conditions. The probable signs of pregnancy includes;

-Enlarged abdomen

-Chadwick’s sign; bluish discoloration of vagina and cervix

-Hegar’s sign; softening of the cervix and uterine cavity

3. Positive signs; these are signs that cannot be present in any other condition and so are definite indicators of pregnancy. They include;

*Fetal sac and heart sound seen on ultrasound from nine weeks.

*Fetal heart sound heard by Doppler.

*Fetal part palpable from 22-24 weeks.


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