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Tips on toxic shock syndrome

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Toxic shock syndrome is a very rare, but a very dangerous life-threatening condition, caused by bacteria that are somewhat meant to be part of our normal flora (live harmlessly in our body) release toxins into our blood system. Spontaneous high fever and shock are some of the immediate features of these toxins released by these bacterias. So, below are other signs and symptoms for the same;

1. A sudden high fever that is an indication of infection as a results of the bacterial exotoxins released into the blood vascular system.




2. Low blood pressure which usually accompanies shock as a results of bacterial toxins in the blood.

3. Your mouth, throat and eyes will appear reddened which could be as a results of infection by the bacteria.

4. One may experience generalized muscle aches that could affect one’s comfort and ability to do every day activities.

5. Presence of a rash either on the palm of your hand or the sole of your foot. This rash does resemble sunburn.

6. Another sign and symptom of toxic shock syndrome is nausea and vomiting that could be as a result of the endotoxins in the blood and body system.

7. Another common symptom is headache and sometimes development of seizure. In-addition confusion could follow as the disease progresses .

In conclusion, there are a number of ways that one, and to prevent themselves from getting the above-mentioned sign and symptoms. Therefore, a knowledge on these signs and symptoms will enable you to detect the start and progress the necessary therapeutic measures. This also helps prevent any further complications from the disease.

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