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Treatment for Caffeine Withdrawal

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The caffeine is an alkaloid on which much has been said. Their properties to lose sleep and tone the body are undisputed. This is also much loved for its aromatic flavor. But, these have harmful aspects that could lead to an excessive consumption of this drink.

Many people may need to stop consuming caffeine, but still, they feel that they really want coffee. For these cases, we present a simple treatment for caffeine withdrawal . To do this, we suggest you replace coffee with tea, which although it contains caffeine, has a lower level than coffee.


The caffeine is one of the most consumed tonic, either for its mild but noticeable stimulatory effect as well as foods containing it, such as coffee, chocolate and soft drinks. However, studies of the McKinley Health Center has estimated that moderate caffeine consumption does not cause any damage to the body, if delineates the daily amount to about 300 milligrams a day, which would be equivalent to three cups of coffee around.

Have tea

When we speak of tea, we mean the true tea plant, and not the vast range of other herbal teas also commonly known as tea. It’s a relaxing and soft drink than coffee.

While it also contains caffeine, especially when it comes to highly processed tea, it does not equal to the levels of coffee, making it a perfect substitute for our caffeine withdrawal.

Caffeine withdrawal

If you wonder what the problem is with drinking too much coffee, let us tell you why. If we tried to stop drinking caffeine suddenly,  our body suffer may suffer change, expressing their displeasure in the form of headache, fatigue and drowsiness. Therefore, the only way to stop consuming caffeine is a progressive treatment.

Procedure to caffeine

A good way to begin our treatment for caffeine withdrawal is to replace the usual time we drink our coffee (morning, mid-afternoon). Drink a mixture of black tea. As you progress with your treatment, you will increase the amount decaffeinated tea.

This is a very simple treatment to stop using caffeine . All you need is willpower and desire to have a natural and healthy life.

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