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Types of Insomnia

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The insomnia is really a very unpleasant anomaly at the time of rest, which destroys the cycle of sleep and sleep habits, becoming increasingly difficult to cope with time. It comes in different ways and now, let us know the different types of insomnia .

The insomnia is determined in different types according to their extension in time and its causes, here are the different types of insomnia:

Initial insomnia

The so-called initial insomnia takes an hour or longer to achieve sleep. Another case is that of those who can not stay asleep through the night until morning or completely, waking at dawn one or more times.

This type of insomnia is usually the most common and usually solved by reducing the high levels of stress the night before and the correct replacement of sleep, eliminating or reducing sleep debt.

Middle insomnia

These are for people who manage to fall asleep easily but then halfway through the morning, wake up several times and have difficulty returning to sleep. This type of insomnia is not as common as above, but also have very significant figures.

It is very frustrating as you wake up in the morning and literally do not know what to do to get back to sleep. However, this type of insomnia is relatively easy to fix.

Terminal insomnia

As much as it may seem too risky, do not worry, it’s just the name and no one will die from terminal insomnia . This type of insomnia is that sufferers who sleep very late, but rise very early in the morning and can no longer go back to sleep, even sometimes without the sound of the alarm.

This type of insomnia occurs in the brain, for some reason assumed that the body has rested enough and determined that there is no need to continue sleeping.

Intermittent insomnia

As the name implies, the intermittent insomnia is one that occurs intermittently. People who suffer from this type of insomnia have it for a few days or few weeks and then disappears. This is the most common of all types of insomnia , so there is not much to worry about.

Chronic insomnia

The chronic insomnia occurs during strenuous long periods of time in which sufferers were never able to sleep properly, presenting most of the aforementioned characteristics.

In this case, the insomnia actually becomes quite a problem and very unpleasant. The person is very tired, has a lot of stress, emotional problems, unmotivated and many consequences that continue to exacerbate the condition of insomnia. Everything is transformed into a large, vicious and dangerous circle.

Severe insomnia

This is the worst and most unusual types of insomnia sufferers, as well as those suffering from chronic insomnia. People who gave this necessarily must go to a doctor or health professional who can prescribe and treat the disease.

The severe insomnia can keep people awake for three nights without sleep and in a state of extreme fatigue, physical and psychological stress, with emotional and even physical pain of various kinds.

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