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Urinary Incontinence in children

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Do you know that your urinary system comprises of kidneys on either side of the vertebral column, ureters opening their way out into the bladder and before the urine finds its way out of the body, it passes through the urethra? Do you also know that there are sphincters present around the bladder so as to not let the urine leak out? Well, babies’ bladder empties automatically. But as the baby grow in age, up to 3yr; they get control over their bladder.

Children with urinary incontinence don’t keep dry for a long time. The term urinary incontinence, also known as enuresis refers to the loss of bladder control thus consequently urination occurs accidentally. Generally, the cause of urinary incontinence may be any of the following or a many together.

  • It may be due to infection in the urinary tract
  • Due to kidney issues,
  • Due to damage to concerned nerve damage
  • Due to structural anomalies of the urinary tract
  • Other reasons include problem during breathing and constipation etc.

In children, urinary incontinence disappears gradually as the child age. It is true that if urinary incontinence persists even after the age of 3, it is quite an embarrassment for the mother and the child. Very small babies have no control over their bladder but this isn’t considered Urinary incontinence (UI). Daytime UI is identified usually at the 5 or 6 and that during night time at the age 7.

Normally the urinary incontinence fades away with age. If it does, certain other strategies such as bladder training, moisture alarms, medicines etc are used.



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