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Using the Thermometer Correctly

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The image of our mother touching our forehead to see if we have a fever is a classic of our childhood. But if you have not inherited this virtue, you rely on the thermometer . Do you know how to interpret this tool as directed? To use the thermometer properly, you need to follow certain steps that we detail below:

Using the thermometer:

  • Before using the thermometer of mercury and glass, take the upper end (not containing mercury) and shake with a flick of the wrist until the mercury drops to 35 degrees. If you are afraid to break it, shake it on a bed.
  • Before taking oral temperature of a person, take it at least 30 minutes after eating, drinking or smoking, because these activities alter the oral temperature and therefore get a false reading.
  • The thermometer should be held with the lips, not teeth, and must breathe through the nose so the ambient temperature does not affect the reading.
  • The thermometer should remain in place for at least three minutes.

Tips for using the thermometer:

  • In children under 5 years, it is preferable to measure the rectal temperature, which is usually a degree higher than oral. Rectal thermometers are of different design.
  • After use, the thermometer should be washed with soapy cold water, never hot water, and must be stored in a cool place.
  • If you use a digital thermometer, remember to follow the accompanying instructions. After using, clean the tip with warm water or alcohol. Do not immerse in water or splash the read, because you can ruin it.
  • Change its batteries every two years.

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