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Vitamin B to Prevent Stress

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Stress is one of the biggest threats to human health these days. Though effects of stress can be quite serious in people,  preventing it is not too difficult. Consumption of good food rich in vitamins can be a good way to combat stress .
So today, we will share some ideas about the importance of a diet rich in vitamin B to prevent stress.
Stress and vitamin B
When a stressful situation occurs, the nervous system gets affected. Anxiety, depression, irritability, exhaustion, or even insomnia, can result due to this. In such a situation, B-complex vitamins primarily can help in keeping you healthy. .
It is therefore vital to give the body adequate amounts of vitamin B to avoid stress. This can be achieved through a proper diet rich in vitamins.
In addition to consuming larger amounts of vitamin B, you should also reduce the intake of those foods that inhibit or reduce vitamins, such as alcohol, caffeine  and carbonated products.
Low levels of vitamin B
As I said earlier, vitamin B complex keeps the nervous system and its component cells healthy. Lack of proper vitamin intake can lead to depression, fatigue, anemia, headaches, weakness, cardiovascular problems, aggressiveness, poor concentration or nervousness.
What foods provide vitamin B complex nutrients?
Vitamin B1: corn, spinach, oatmeal, spinach, prunes, watercress, walnuts and strawberries.
Vitamin B2: eggs, milk, seeds and grains, green vegetables.
Vitamin B3: grains, nuts, meat, fish, milk, cheese and cereals.
Vitamin B5 : salmon, liver, red meat, eggs, chicken, clams, seeds and rice.
Vitamin B6: green vegetables such as spinach, nuts, cereals, bananas, red meat, chicken and fish.
Vitamin B12: salmon, red meat, poultry, clams, liver and eggs.
Try mixing different varieties of vegetables and meat to balance your levels of vitamin B in order to strengthen the nervous system and reduce the risk of stress.

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