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Cancer, nicknamed the big C is become increasingly engraved in the entire globe with new cases being diagnosed with a high morbidity and mortality rate. The biggest question is what are some of the ways that one can help prevent or reduce the risk of cancer, which is not an easy thing to keep and follow. The reason is that a lot of researches have been done and surprisingly some of the information provided could be conflicting with one antagonizing the other leaving the consumers even more confused.


So here are some of the ways that can help an individual prevent or reduce the risks of getting cancer:

1. Eating a healthy diet. It is now clear that feeding your body junk foods will get you into trouble and so one has to really monitor the kind of foods they eat. A healthy diet can help reduce the risk of different types of cancer and so by eating much of plant foods and less of red meat one could be doing themselves a great favor. Making sure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, limiting fat intake, and ensuring some temperance and moderation as far as alcohol consumption is concerned which could be a cancer risk.

2. Being physically active and ensuring that you maintain a healthy weight. Some cancer types like prostate, colon, lung and kidney can be reduced by maintaining a healthy body weight and as far as physical activity is concerned, the risk of cancers like colon and breast could be reduced. You could choose to focus on aerobic or anaerobic exercise or even do a combination, but the most important thing is to ensure that you do have some physical exercises daily if time allows.

3. For those people that smoke tobacco should consider stopping it because it will put you down cancer road. In addition, chewing of tobacco is risky because it has been associated with oral cancer. Moreover, people that are exposed to smoke, what is referred to as passive smokers are also at risk of developing cancer as well. So deciding to stop tobacco smoking should be one of the most important choices that you will ever make .

4. Excessive exposure to sunlight is not good as it can increase one’s risk of skin cancer. Therefore, you also need to be careful at the amount of sun that you expose your body too by avoiding the midday sun, covering the exposed areas, and staying in the shade could also help a lot.

5. Viruses are some of the causative agents of cancer and so getting vaccinated against some of these viral infections could be more than helpful. Vaccination against hepatitis B and HPV viruses are some of the examples of the same.

6. One should avoid some behaviors that could increase your risk for cancer, which might include the following; having sex with multiple partners or having sex without protection (condom) and sharing sharp and cutting materials a good example being needles for drug users for example.

7. Finally, for people that have a high risk to certain types of cancers maybe because someone in the family had or has it could go for regular medical check up or screening and further medical advice. This will put you at a position of catching or detecting the disease at an earlier stage, which is usually curable than when it is in its later stages.




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