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Warning signs for Suicide

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Suicide is the act of killing oneself intentionally. Of course it’s very tough to hurt your own body; people only do that when their mental abilities have seized to picture a positive life and they consider ending their life solution to all problems.


Suicide is very sadly the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. There can be many reasons why a person would end their life; some high risk signs are if:

  • The person threatens to hurt or kill themselves
  • Look for ways to end life, by buying stuff like buying pills or blades etc
  • Write or draw stuff about death, suicide


The most common cause for a person committing suicide would be depression. So a depressed person would definitely think about harming themselves. Some other signs are following:

  • Pessimism towards life with thoughts of giving up.
  • Episodic outburst of anger and rage
  • Reckless behavior
  •  Engaging in risky activities with lack of concern about consequences
  • Consume alcohol (more than usual) and drugs
  • Having either insomnia or somnolence
  • Too organized about their work
  • Lose interest in appearance i.e. dress badly etc


If you noticed the signs mentioned above in your beloved, that simply means your beloved needs help. You can help them by: talking about stuff that’s keeping them down, modifying their thoughts and turning them into an optimist. Don’t forget to fix this into their minds that, only an optimistic behavior and hope can bring you peace and good life.

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