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Ways for prevention of HIV infection

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Abstinence is the surest and the best way to avoid contacting HIV. In abstaining you avoid having sex. This is applicable especially to those who are not married.

You can also avoid being infected by being faithful to your partner. It is advisable to have one partner whose status you are sure of as being negative. It is through multiple partners that HIV is spread in the event that along the stream one is infected the whole group will be infected if no protection is used. This brings us to our next point.

Correct use of protection like male and female condom. Nowadays in colleges and social places they put condoms in the washrooms. Male condoms are the most commonly used than female condoms.




Moreover, counseling can help one reduce chances of being infected. In counseling sessions, one is advised to go for testing. If one is infected they are guided on how to live, they are advised to use protection eat healthy to boost one’s immunity and use drugs like ARVs according to the number of CD4 cells.

Furthermore, male circumcision has medically been proven to minimize spread of HIV. The foreskin is said to be more susceptible to HIV infection. In-addition the softness of the foreskin makes it easy to tear hence direct contact with blood. When the foreskin is removed is removed through circumcision the risk of infection is curbed.

Moreover, expectant mothers are required to use a regime of ARVs that prevent mother to child transmission. Through exercising caution, you can minimize spread of HIV. For instance avoid social gatherings where peers party and get drunk ending up practicing sex.

Lastly avoid sharing needles or sharp objects. In case of a cut one can easily get infected if the material was used by an infected person.



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