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What are Keloids?

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There are different terms you come along regarding skin conditions and I’m sure ‘keloids’ must be one of them. What are keloids?


Answer to what keloids are:

The human body is very efficient in dealing with any sort of injury, wound and trauma. Healing and repair of the injured tissue involves many different procedures and one of these procedures is fibrosis which is mostly followed by another procedure called scar formation. Keloid precisely is the result of excessive scar formation in response to injury or wound.

What else?

Keloid appears as painful and thick, dense nodule-like structure at the site of injury. Keloids can be itchy at times. These are more common in people with dark complexions than those who have light colored skin. They might get bigger and become very unpleasant to the eye which is why most people prefer it to be removed.

It is said that keloids have a connection with body piercing but this hasn’t been proven yet. Keloid formation may take place due to many different reasons.Conditions like acne, piercing in any part of the body, burns, injection sites etc may result in keloid formation.

Keloid formation is common in both males and females irrespective of age. The best thing about them is that they don’t commonly appear on the face and are mostly seen in areas like shoulders, back, chest and earlobes.

Make sure you see a doctor if you see any unusual spots or raised nodules on your skin. A skin specialist will help you get rid of any abnormal skin conditions.



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