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What Causes Back Pain?

By on July 16, 2013 in Diseases, General, Health, Health with 0 Comments

Hello readers! I believe that the title of this post might have grasped your attention because you have suffered, or maybe still suffering from this annoying pain. Well, you aren’t alone if you are a bearer of back aches.


So what causes back pain? Is it something really serious?

The back part of our body is formed by many muscles, innervated by different nerves, and so, the pain arising here gets difficult to locate and to pinpoint the exact cause is not easy. However, mostly, this ache arises due to flaws in posture of our body while carrying out our day to day activities. Such as, you might have rarely or not at all given attention to the way you sit on the chair or sofa for long, the way you lay on your bed, your posture when you are standing for too long, etc.

All these factors contribute to the development of strain in the back as well as shoulder muscles.

When we pick something up from the floor, we usually tend to bend down from standing position itself, not realising what amount of stretch would our back muscles have to bear.

So these were some of our day to day activities which contribute highly to an aching back.

And the texting addicts, many of them do suffer from this annoying ache for sure, as for hunching over cell phone for hours is perhaps another contributor of back strain.

Other reasons for back pain also include being overweight, during pregnancy, being in the state of depression since long, and also long term stress.



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