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What exposes you to Tension Headaches?

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Changes in your brain chemicals and muscle contraction have been associated with tension headaches and in addition some of the causes are totally dependent on the individual because they are as a result of lifestyle changes. Here are some of the common lifestyle changes that have been attributed to causing tension headaches.

Inadequate sleep has been related to tension headaches over the years now and so it is important for one to make sure that they get enough, and quality sleep every night.

Stress is another cause; whenever you are stressed, the threshold for having a tension headache is greatly reduced and so avoiding stress could be helpful to you, and adopting ways that you can employ to help you relax and mitigate any unnecessary stress.

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Chocolate, caffeine, some kind of foods and certain food additives have also been linked to tension headaches. It has been scientifically proven that monosodium glutamate (MSG) also causes tension headaches.

One can get tension headache as a result of depression and anxiety. Anything that will make you get anxious and get depressed could be a risk factor for tension headache as well and if avoided the better.

In women, hormonal changes during menopause, pregnancy, hormonal use and menstruation could cause tension headaches as well. This is due to the sudden changes in the amount and levels of hormones in your blood.

Certain medications have also been linked to tension headaches for instance, drugs for hypertension, depression and when one overuses these headache medications.

Sleeping in awkward positions could also aggravate your tension headaches as well as holding your head or neck in abnormal positions for a very, long time.

Some diseases like common cold or flu have been known to cause headache as one of its symptoms.

Alcohol consumption as well as cigarette smoking has been linked to tension headaches especially when an over-consumption of the same is evident.

In conclusion, a number of lifestyle changes can cause severe headaches and so when one is informed about them, avoiding or reducing your exposure to them could be prophylactic against these headaches which could be debilitating sometimes.


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