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What is Glycogen?

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Glycogen is limited energy that is generated at times when the amount of glucose in the cells exceeds the amount that is needed for energy production. When your body undergoes physical exertion, muscle glycogen is degraded to glucose so that it can be used as an energy source. However, reserves are very limited and you can become exhausted.

The speed in which this depletion happens would depend on the intensity of the exercise and the amount of glycogen stored before undertaking the training or competition.

In 15 minutes of intense exercise, you can use up to 60 or 70% of muscle glycogen reserves. Thus, failure to take appropriate measures after two hours of intense exercise could lead to a burnout.

When such depletion occurs, also known as hypoglycemia, very low levels of blood glucose would lead to fatigue. Therefore, increasing the capacity of muscle glycogen to avoid compromising athletic performance is an important factor that coaches and athletes should take into account.

Preventing hypoglycemia is something very simple. A good training plan and a diet that provides enough carbohydrates during and after sports practice can help. And of course, it is also important to keep the body well hydrated.

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