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What is the link between irregular periods and caffeine?

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A cup of coffee makes busy life a little easy. For all the lady caffeine lovers out there, do you know there is a link between irregularities in monthly menstrual cycle and caffeine intake?

Menstrual irregularity which is technically called Oligomenorrhoea, is something that lots of girls and women suffer from. There are a lot of reasons for this condition. High level of caffeine intake is one of the reasons according to recent studies and statistics.

What impact does caffeine have on the irregularity of menses?

Well, it has become clear that due to increased frequency of caffeine intake, the blood supply to the uterus is restricted. This consequently affects the menstrual phase of the reproductive cycle. Not only this, caffeine also poses risks of Pre-menstrual syndrome. This condition is expressed by mood swings, cramps, backache, bloating etc.

Because it has its affect on the end-arteries, it also results in elevating the heart rate and ultimately the blood pressure. All of this makes the person anxious, sleepless and tensed.

Caffeine also has its affects on the level of our stress hormones. By triggering the release of stress hormones, caffeine stimulates the sympathetic system of the body also known as the fight or flight response. This state is itself a harmful state of the body.

How to attain regularity in periods?

To stay away from issues regarding this cycle, you better keep a check on your diet. Meditation, physical exercises and healthy routine might help relieve stress. Try to consume less or no amount of caffeine whether in the form of sodas, energy drinks or coffee etc. and go for fresh juices and water instead,

Surprisingly, studies suggest an apple can keep you up all night. So why choose caffeine then?

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