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What polyphenols do to prevent aging

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Anti-oxidants are popular for their property of combating the process of aging. They are quite important for us because they prevent free oxygen radicals to damage the cells and surroundings. So do you know what polyphenols are? No? Well, don’t worry here we shall discuss what you need to know about polyphenols.

Polyphenols are, actually, phytochemicals that is chemicals found in plants. Two of the types of polyphenols are flavonoids and tannins and both of them are quite beneficial in fighting off the harmful free oxygen radicals.

How much they benefit you depends on how much to take them in your diet, their bioavailability and their absorption rate.

Food sources that can help you get polyphenols include:


Beverages derived from plants for instance different juices, coffee, tea and wine etc.

Dark chocolate


Whole-grains, rye bread

Health benefits of Polyphenols:

They prevent you from many diseases. For instance if you consume blueberries they would only protect your nerve cells in the brain and also help in new nerve cells.

They boost your memory,

They help maintain your blood cholesterol level.

They contain anti-inflammatory properties

They boost your blood circulation

They help you stay young.

They protect you from wrinkles and spots and help you get a smoother and flawlessly younger skin.

Due to these health benefits of anti-oxidants especially polyphenols, many skincare products have added it as an ingredient so that their product becomes more effective. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies to get more and more anti-oxidants.

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