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Wheezing – sign of many respiratory diseases

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Wheezing in your chest can be a symptom (it can be heard by other people too), and a sign (when it is heard only by a stethoscope). For this symptom we often use the English word wheezing. Wheezing is often caused by other obstructive diseases of the lungs and the respiratory system, compression from outside (tumors), but the biggest reason is asthma.


If the person is breathing normally, the linear speed of the air going in to the tracheobronchial tree is not fast enough to cause wheezing, nor some other sound that can be heard without stethoscope. Breathing starts to be loud for the environment if the respiratory ways start to tighten, that is when the air is flowing turbulently in to the lungs.

The biggest part of the respiratory ways include the trachea and the main bronchi’s, with a smaller diameter are the first four generations of bronchi`s, but after the fourth generation the diameter it is drastically smaller and when the trachea and the bigger bronchi`s are tightened no matter directly or indirectly the wheezing is here. If the obstructed respiratory ways are too many, bigger amount of air stops at the alveolus. For this air to be pressed out, the respiratory muscle system needs bigger contraction. This is a consequence of enlargement of the peribronchial pressure, which shrinks the trachea and the bigger bronchi`s. It is proved by X-rays that the obstruction in the smaller respiratory ways, the trachea can be tightened more than 1/3 of its diameter. Because the trachea and the bronchi`s of the children are much softer than at the adults, the would collapse much faster, and that is why wheezing is often symptoms at babies or small children.

The basic disease is diagnosed over the anamnesis of objective examination and the analysis of the lung function, x-ray of the chest, magnetic resonance MP, lung scintigraphy etc.


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