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Antioxidants are essential in helping our body neutralize any free radicals that form in our body as a result of processes such as stress, cigarette smoking, radiation as well as alcohol. As a matter of fact, our body usually goes through metabolism every time and as a result of this, some gases and sometimes free radicals could develop and so it is crucial for our bodies to have these antioxidants that will help neutralize the effects of the free radicals that potentially are able to destroy cells. In this blog we will look at some of the vitamins that possess this anti-oxidising property:

1. Vitamin c; a water soluble vitamin also known as ascorbic acid. It is mostly found in citrus fruits, spinach, cabbage, strawberry and kiwi. Vitamin toxicity is possible with too much consumption of the same vitamin C and so you need to be careful with that as well.It is important for one to know that vitamin C is important for boosting our immune system, promoting wound healing as well as helping the body absorb iron. As far as the levels of vitamin C consumption are concerned, it is arguably true that some people will need more levels than others and a good example is smokers, pregnant women, postoperative patients and those who are victims of burns.

2. Vitamin E; a fat soluble is mostly found in vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish oils as well as whole grains. The recommended daily allowance is 15 IU for men and 12 IU for women. Vitamin E also plays important roles in metabolism and in your immune system as well and people with liver diseases and crohn’s disease will need more levels of vitamin E.

3. Beta carotene; found mainly in liver, fish, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, yams, grains, etc, is a precursor of vitamin A.



Therefore, by consuming appropriate amounts of such vitamins as mentioned above can help boost one’s defense mechanisms against cell damage and other disease causing factors


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